Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property is the legal term given to the ownership a party has in things such as inventions, trademarks, patents, music, artwork and literature. It is the ability to protect “creations of the mind” from being copied or otherwise stolen or unlawfully used by other parties.

There can often be a great deal of misunderstanding about intellectual property. For example, if you are at work and you come up with a great idea, who owns that idea – is it you, the creator or your employer who was paying your salary at the time when you came up with the idea? Not all “ideas” can be protected. As a general observation only, it is the “process” of how to turn the ideal into reality or the creation of the idea that can be protected. Remember – never show or discuss your idea with anyone else before you obtain legal advice on how to protect your ownership.

For trademarks and patents, you can also contact a Patent Attorney.

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