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We represent clients charged with Assault Offences, Drug Offences, Domestic Violence orders, Fraud, Theft and Dishonesty Offences, Traffic Offences, Drink and Drug Driving Offences, as well as Sexual Offences.

At Alex Mandry Family Lawyers Sunshine Coast, our expert criminal lawyers in Sunshine Coast focus on providing our clients with superior advice and will fight for your success. Our extensive knowledge, processes and procedures can ensure our clients with trust and accountability for achieving the best possible outcome. We have years of experience in handling both minor and major cases, ranging from murder to driving charges and have achieved a high success rate for most cases.

  • Summary Offences
  • Traffic Matters
  • Pleas
  • Minor & Major Indictable Offences
  • Sexual Offences
  • Appeals


Section 3 of the Criminal Code Act 1899 (Qld) (Criminal Code) divides offences as follows:

  • crimes
  • misdemeanours
  • simple offences
  • regulatory offences

You must always remember –

You are innocent until/unless proven guilty

A core principle of the Australian criminal justice system is that a person is presumed to be innocent unless proven guilty of the offence beyond a reasonable doubt. An accused person must be acquitted of an offence if there is any reasonable doubt about their guilt in the mind of the jury (or judge or magistrate).

The right to remain silent

The right to remain silent is another important principle of the Australian criminal justice system.

A person is not required to answer any questions that are put to them by a police officer, regardless of whether they have been arrested or not.

The major exception is that a person should provide their name and address if asked by police; not doing so may constitute an offence.

It is important that a person who has been arrested understands that, beyond providing their name and address, they have the right to refuse to answer all questions or participate in an interview.

Anything a person says to police, whether in a formal interview or not, may be used in evidence against that person at their trial. Making ill-considered, hasty or careless statements to police in the heat of the moment, during an interview or when questioned at the scene and without legal advice can cause great harm to a person and their legal position.

If you choose not to make a statement this cannot be held against you.

Our advice is that other than providing your name and address, do not make a statement to police – at least until you have spoken to your lawyer and received legal advice.

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