Child Support Review

Child Support Reivews

Are you paying too much child support? Do you think you should be paid more child support?

Are you concerned that your child support assessment fails to take into account factors that concern you, such as:

  • If the other parent is self-employed and failing to declare their full income
  • If you are incurring significant costs in relation to your child or children, such as childcare costs, private school fees or medical expenses – it might also be that you incur significant costs to spend time with your children
  • If the other parent has elected to be unemployed or otherwise is not earning to their full earning capacity

Maybe your concern is not as obvious, and you just want to ensure that you are paying or receiving the right level of child support.

The basic child support formula may fail to take into account the unique circumstances of your situation. Luckily, there are mechanisms in the child support legislation that may address these issues such as making an application for a change of assessment.

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We Can Help You

Our child support lawyers can help you navigate through your options to ensure that you are and will continue to receive the best possible outcome.

We offer a set fee review by a child support lawyer to determine whether you are eligible to make an application for a change of assessment or any other application which will improve your assessment. Usually $330, we are currently offering this dedicated review for $220.

All we need from you are copies of your two most recent Notices of Assessment and a completed questionnaire. You will then receive personalised advice from our experienced child support lawyers about how you might be able to improve your situation.

Our child support lawyers can offer assistance with preparing applications and objections, and are also experienced at negotiating and preparing Child Support Agreements

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Child Support Review Questionnaire

To get started with our Child Support Review service, please download and complete our questionnaire.