Traffic Matters

We are able to provide advice in relation to all traffic matters and motor vehicle offences.

Motor vehicle offences can be a very complex area of the law. The Rules and Regulations make the law and its interpretation quite complex. This is particularly so with drink driving offences. It must always be remembered that in relation to drink driving offences the practical reality is that levels of alcohol are always, in the first instance, determined by machines. Machines are notorious for making mistakes. So too are their operators. If ever you are stopped for a drink driving offence, you are entitled by law to have a blood test. Whilst this can often be inconvenient and time consuming, in most instances, it is the only way that a blood alcohol reading can be challenged.

Speeding and other driving offences can often result in a lengthy loss of license. We can help you get the lowest driver's license suspension or, depending on the allegations, it may even be possible to plead not guilty to the charge.

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