Family Law Disputes & Mediation

Separation is a major step for anyone, affecting every individual differently. Married or de facto couples separating are often encouraged to try family dispute resolution (FDR).
The process of separation or a divorce is likely to induce feelings of shock, denial, anger, blame or sadness, which can impact both partners ability to communicate and collaborate with one another. Mediation through an accredited mediator can help parents to deal with the stress and anxiety that follows the realisation that children will no longer spend time with them “all of the time” and that they will need to spend meaningful time with both parents in different households in order to maintain a positive relationship with both parents.

A mediator does not resolve your dispute, or give you legal advice, but they are highly skilled in assisting you to reach a resolution. Sandra has a legal background which enables her to facilitate discussions on a wide range of family disputes, while not in any way controlling the content of the mediation. She will however help you control the process and of course, maintain strict confidentiality about what occurs during a mediation process (subject to legal limitations).

Couples that are separating will also need to tackle how to divide property and assets, which typically includes the family home, investment properties, companies and businesses, Trusts, cars, boats, jewellery and shared belongings. If both parties are willing to attend mediation and to genuinely negotiate, then there is a high likelihood that with the assistance of an accredited mediator, they will reach a resolution that they can both live with.

There is no limit to what disputes can be mediated:

  • If you are separated or have already separated and need to resolve children and/or property division matters before they become intractable disputes;
  • Before you have lines drawn in the sand;
  • If relationships are at risk of completely breaking down (personal relationships, business or commercial relationships, employment or professional relationships); and
  • If you have been served with court proceedings and want to avoid that necessity by attempting to mediate a resolution before your court date.
Why choose us:
  • Expert Mediators
  • Our Nationally Accredited Mediators have the expertise and skills to mediate in all types of disputes
  • Cost-Effective
  • Mediation saves on legal fees, saving you time and money
  • Client Focused
  • We are passionate about helping people find a resolution in a timely, cost-effective and stress-free manner.
Mediation in all other matters:
  • Workplace Disputes
  • Commercial Disputes
  • Family Disputes
  • Neighbourhood Disputes
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